6 Weeks old! The journey so far

Wow, what an amazing 6 weeks it has been, I can’t quite believe how quickly the time has gone, I know people always say ‘Blink and you’ll miss it’ well that certainly is true. The first couple weeks certainly took some getting use to as I could barely change her nappy or figure out how to put the sleep suit on!

Our first challenge was the feeding, my partner wanted to breastfeed so figuring out the best position for her and baby was difficult, Poppy wasn’t latching on for long and we knew already she had a big appetite, it became increasingly frustrating over the first week and with us using ready made bottles throughout the night, we knew she was after a good amount, this led us to have doubts over the breastfeeding as to wether she was getting enough, between the latching problems and not finding a great position that worked it was all very stressful. We made the switch over to pumping about 4/5 days in, the idea of pumping sounded amazing to us, she would get all the goodness from the breastmilk with none of the stress about latching, we knew she would get a good amount and we could pump away and have all that she would need! In theory it sounds perfect, in reality not so much. My partner could get a good pump in the morning of around 90ml and for the rest of the day it could be 30-50ml, the problem being that Poppy was a very greedy girl haha, she would always want more than what we could pump, we knew we wasn’t over feeding as she was always very good about when she wanted to feed and when she didn’t, but having to try and keep up with a greedy growing baby took its toll, pumping all the time to try and give her enough become stressful and ultimately we had to make the decision to switch to formula. At first we was disappointed, we wanted the best milk and always had in our head ‘Breast is best’, but after a few days of formula feeding we knew it was the right choice, mum was happy, baby was happy, that is the main thing, we knew Poppy was getting enough for her needs and she thrived, she slept better and overall seemed happier.

When it comes to baby development Poppy had lost 4oz since she was born on her first weigh with the midwives, this was actually quite good we was told, some babies drop quite a bit more than that. With the appetite Poppy had we wasn’t too worried about her dropping weight and by then next appointment a week later she had put on 9oz!! I couldn’t believe it, she carried it all in her gut haha this meant she was still tiny but just had a belly on her. One of the things the midwife mentioned was her head control and alertness, from birth she has always been quite alert when awake, having her eyes open looking around all the time, but her head movements have always impressed us, her neck strength and determination to look what is going on around her amazes me, at now 6 weeks she holds her head up for long periods of time and I can imagine it wont be long before she is holding her head up all the time alone.

As a dad it has been surreal, the overwhelming sense of purpose in life she has given me is amazing, I can’t help but look at her constantly and I am still in shock that she is ours, but ahh yes ‘ours’ she is indeed and with that comes her little personality or shall I say big personality! she can be a right diva already, the noise level she gets to when she wants feeding! It’s almost as bad as me haha, I know she likes her food but the crying will not stop until that bottle is in her mouth then in an instant she is giving you the puppy dog eyes whilst she drinks it as if she hasn’t just screamed the house down. The biggest struggle has been recently, Poppy is so in love with her mummy that she wants her all the time (I mean, I can’t be annoyed, I am the same). This isn’t all the time but it can be disheartening to know that if i’m holding her I wont be able to stop her crying, I can’t help her unless I am giving her over to her mum, I understand the reasoning and I hoping my time comes when she is a little daddy’s girl but it can be tricky for both me and mummy at present, It means mummy can’t take long peaceful baths for some time off if Poppy is in that mood, in more recent days it has got better but she still is a massive mummy’s girl.

She has certainly had her good times and some hard times but at 6 weeks old, she is turning into an amazing person, so full of life, smiling and constantly trying to talk, she talks all the time and you can see on her little face she really wants to be chatting to us. I can’t wait for her to grow up even more, just not so quick! haha.

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