Hot British weather and newborns!

Hey everyone! Here in the U.K we have had a few very hot days… I believe it topped at about 33°C here in Manchester, now as much as we all love a bit of sun we are British! we complain when it rains and complain when it’s hot haha. In true British fashion my little girl has complained a lot for someone who can’t speak yet! she’s had a very tough couple days in the heat bless her. Before the heatwave I did some research on tips to help with newborns in the heat and below are some of the ones that worked best for me!

A cool bath before bedtime

This one seemed to work well with my little girl, we didn’t make it cold but just cooler than her usual bath temperature, she likes being in the bath so this one was something we hoped would help and we are so glad it did, after her bath we gave the last feed of the night and she slept all the way through to 5:30am!

Keep nightwear and bedclothes to a minimum

This is seems fairly obvious but is arguably one of the most important, for us it was just a vest over the nappy and a cellular blanket. Our bedroom doesn’t get overly hot so we felt that was enough for her, If your bedroom does get rather hot then i’d suggest just the nappy and a nice secure sheet over them, but you will know your baby and the temperature of your house so try and figure out what is best for your baby.

Using a fan

This is one of my favourites not just for baby but for us as well! If the room is hot a fan generally just moves hot air about, so a good trick is to freeze a bottle of water and stand it in a bowl in front of the fan straight from the freezer, this helps blow some cool air around and it’s really refreshing! A must in the heat.

Keep them hydrated

Since infants under 6 months shouldn’t drink water (babies over 6 months can take in modest amounts), replace the lost liquids by giving them extra formula or by nursing more frequently. A good way to know if your baby is hydrated is if their having as many wet nappies as they usually have on a normal day!

Those are my best tips and I hope they help you, if you have any tips that worked for you then please leave a comment and let me know!

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