Surrounded by Roses

I always wanted to incorporate flowers into a newborn shoot and when your little one arrives what better time to get creative. We got sent loads of flowers to congratulate us so we took advantage after they run their course and used them just before the colour started to fade. All we did was cut off the heads and place them around the baby. Its simple but beautiful.

Took take this photo I used the East Coast Nursery Counting Sheep Bouncer It’s only £54.99 so one of the cheaper bouncers out there but it’s amazing, it’s something the baby will enjoy and also doubles up as something to hold the baby for photos! double win. The biggest plus for me is the ability to recline back, this helps create a little dip that the baby can comfortably get sink into. Next I laid the grey ZOYLINK Baby Photo Props 3pc set mat, it’s only £13.99 and it comes with a wrap, a fur mat and a headband, we have bought both this grey one and a purple one, there are some other colours but we are yet to try them out! Both the baby grow and headband are from George ASDA.

You will want to try and take this photo ideally when the baby is sleeping, we have quite a wriggler and she tends to move a lot when awake, in fact she moves a lot in her sleep but we get lucky sometimes haha! You will want to create some light on the baby but you don’t want it to be to harsh, if you are using a flash you will want to point it up at the ceiling so it can bounce off and defuse some of the harshness, never point the flash directly at the baby!, a soft lamp will do as well but remember to put a white cloth over the front if the light is too strong.

Overall a really fun photo and something to get creative with, there are so many possibilities with colours and backgrounds that you can go crazy with it or keep it nice and simple.

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