Simple Black background photoshoot

Equipment used:

– Canon 6D camera

– Canon EF 35-70mm IS USM L lens

– Flash

– Dark blue throw from George Asda ( £5-7) 

The Photo

So to start I want to say I couldn’t find a black throw when I went to the shop, black would of been easier but the process is the same and dark blue worked just fine for me. So to start I hung the dark blue throw over my TV to create the background, you can hang it anywhere as long as you stretch it out and keep it flat, you also want to be able to stand a few feet in front of the throw to create some depth of field. The next step is to dim down the lights, the less light hitting the background the better. This is different to studio backgrounds as the cheap throw being used has details you don’t want to be seen e.g fluff! so once you have dimmed the lights, have the baby and holder stand a few feet in front of the background to create depth of field, this will make the background blurry and less sharp. In comes the light source, this wants to be hitting the baby directly, I used a flash attached to my camera, if you do use this I recommend using the flash off behind you and letting the light bounce of a wall and then back onto the baby, this will create a softer light. Using a lamp aimed at the baby will work too, if the light feels to bright you can try hanging a white cloth over the front to make it softer. Once all that is done you should have a pretty nice looking photo to keep, Simple but gorgeous. If you want to try upping the contrast and blacks while editing that might help with the look as well.

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