Becoming a Dad

Hello, my name is George and this is the story of when I officially became a Dad

The day was the 28th of June 2020 and the emotion running through me is something I’ve never felt before. Before I get to that I want to go back to the Friday. It was the morning of Friday (38weeks 6days) when we was advised to have a sweep in hopes to help with things for our inducement booked for Sunday, well as the procedure was being done my partners water went! Only a little but they had to check and test just to make sure, this was during the pandemic so I’m in the car park waiting anxiously as to the results. We was in the process of moving that week and the last day to move all of our stuff was that Friday, good timing I know. we got the results back and to our shock and delight it was confirmed that her water has gone! They now moved our induction to Saturday. We was told baby could be arriving today and to keep an eye out, not the news we needed when we still had loads of stuff to remove from our old flat. The day went on but no sign of baby, it came to Saturday morning and I dropped my partner off at the hospital to have the the induction procedure. Throughout the day I couldn’t settle, I had to go home as the process could take a while but even though we live 15 minutes away from the hospital I didn’t want to be 15 feet from it. It got to 5pm and the news came that we was next to go to the labour ward, my heart pounding ‘this is it, it’s finally happening’ I kept saying to myself, I had to wait before I could go in but I didn’t want to risk being at home, I went straight to the hospital and waited for the call to come up. At 7pm it happened, I get the call that they’re moving to the labour ward, I jumped out my car and ran in so quick they were still in the process of moving her.

 The labour ward

We went into the room that was about to become the birthplace of my daughter and the emotion is overwhelming, I had to take a deep breath just to compose myself. With all the stuff moved in my partner was having the monitors attached to keep and eye on the heartbeat and contractions, as I paced around the room I was told I could sit down but I couldn’t, this was all so exciting and scary that I couldn’t stay still, even tho I paced around the room I always had my eyes on my partner and the bump, watching her be so calm about everything was reassuring and helped me settle down. They checked her and she was 1cm dilated, they run us through all the options and procedures, even with all the questions I asked they was very informative and even printed out some information for us to read. The next step was to start the hormone drip, for the next few hours it was very relaxed and the contractions seemed to be random and not overly painful, I tried my best to keep to morale up but I learned quickly there is a time and place for humour and during a contraction isn’t one of them. During her first big contraction I tried talking to my partner and was met with an immediate ‘SHUT UP!’ Haha, I knew this wasn’t meant in a bad way but at that moment I knew that the best way to help was to sit by her side and be a hand to hold till it was over. Things got intense quickly at around 12am, the contractions went from 0 to 100 in what felt like only 10 minutes and before we knew it they were coming every couple minutes and coming in strong, I remember thinking to myself  ‘This is it! I’ve seen the movies, the contractions are strong and frequent! Let’s get this baby out’, I ask the midwife if the baby is coming now and with the calmest voice ever she said ‘Haha, no we still have a while to go, she will be checked at 4am and we still see how far along she is’, I couldn’t believe what I heard, How can someone go through this pain every 2 minutes for another 3 hours! I didn’t want to relay this information over to partner, She was dealing with enough already!.  

The start of the birth

The time is now 2:40am and the past 2 hours have been a struggle, the baby is back to back and my partner has been struggling to find a comfortable position to help with the intense pain, this was made especially difficult as we needed to keep all the monitoring and drip wires in place. The contractions are coming in every minute and I hadn’t moved from my seat next to the bed for hours, my hand being squeezed and my back hurting from being bent over to rub her back, but there’s no way I could complain, I’d be sent out the room instantly haha. As contractions are getting stronger my partner leans in to tell me that she needs to loo, we get her up and walk to the toilet dragging the drip with us, a contraction hits whilst on the toilet and that’s when I wondered if the paper bowl placed on the toilet was to catch falling babies should a woman be on the toilet when in labour (I had been up almost 24 hours at this point). Grunting from the pain and without her gas and air she suddenly felt the need to poo, I quickly grabbed the midwife and quietly mentioned the need for a number 2, the midwife instantly asked her to move back to the bed, the pain and and contraction was so strong we had to wait in the toilet till the right time to move, so there all 3 of us were, crammed into this small toilet, I think modesty was out the window now haha.  My partner was somewhat out with the fairy’s but still had the conscious thought that she didn’t want to poo in front of anyone, after some reassurance from the midwives we moved onto the bed and straight away another contraction! ‘I need to poo, am I going? I need to push, I can’t help it’ was being screamed.The midwives still quite calm I ask if this finally it and got told that we are still waiting for the check at 4am and to just carry on, I was told that pushing can also damage the cervix and prolong the labour, I was worried and was asking why she’s not being checked now if she can’t help but have the urge to push, well whilst I discussed this with the midwives there was no waiting on my partners end, another big contraction and the grunting as she couldn’t do anything but push and suddenly the midwife went ‘oh there’s a head!’. A quick check to make sure everything was fine and then she gave the green light to start pushing, ‘This is it! It’s happening, oh my god, it’s happening’ thoughts racing through my head I couldn’t quite believe that even tho we have been expecting this for a while it didn’t quite feel as real as it did when she was moments away from being born. After 2 contractions of pushing the head was halfway out and I had a little glimpse! She had hair and even tho I only saw the back of her head I was instantly in love, doing so well but struggling with the pain a little feel of the babies head gave my partner that extra motivation to keep it going, on the 4th contraction we get the news the head is almost out so me wanting a peak of the face I have a look, I looked just at the wrong or right moment as this was the push that sent her flying into the world, ‘the chin is almost out, chin is out and she’s here!’. Wow, she’s finally here, the most beautiful little girl in the world is here, the emotion is extraordinary and I can’t quite put it into words, I was so amazed by everything I just witnessed and was in awe of my partner, she is incredible and I always knew that but I’ve never been so proud of someone. Everything is happening so fast, she’s being cleaned and suddenly she’s there on mummy’s chest, I just stared at them both thinking how lucky I was. The moment lasted a few minutes before baby girl was asking for a feed! 5 minutes in this world and already wanting to feed haha, ‘she has my apetite’ I said and with a tired chuckle my partner gave me a kiss and from that moment we was now a family of 3.

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